WorkCover Conciliation

Conciliation is the first step in dispute resolution in the Victorian Compensation Scheme.  This is an informal process allowing all parties to a dispute to come together and attempt to resolve a dispute without the costly need to progress the matter to litigation.   Although informal, all parties including the employer are permitted to have a person (except a lawyer) assisting them at the conference.

Conference Preparation

Workplace HR Solutions have over 25 years’ experience in dispute resolution.  We assist our clients with pre-conferencing the dispute with their Insurer to ensure that all matters have been considered and that we are in the strongest possible position going into the conciliation conference.  This process allows us to gather further information if required as well as consider our best and worst outcomes should the matter not resolve at Conciliation.  We also use this process to formulate some options for resolution which can sometimes be put forward prior to the conference date and attempt resolution without the need for conference.

Conference Attendance

If we cannot resolve the matter prior to conference, we can attend the conference with you so as to ensure that all issues are considered and your interests are protected.  We can provide advice at the conference about settlement options and the likely impact on premium or how the proposed resolution may affect the employment arrangement.