Incident Investigation Training

Incident investigation is an important facet of any Occupational Health & Safety Management system.  Ensuring all contributing factors are assessed, suitable corrective actions are taken and risk mitigation strategies are continually evaluated is essential in mitigating risk and preventing similar incidents occurring in similar circumstances.

This interactive work-shop is aimed at Managers and Supervisors who have the responsibility of conducting incident investigations in your workplace.  The session is not about making your managers and supervisors OHS experts, rather it will step through the importance of incident investigation and why it is required.  Case scenarios and group activities are used to illustrate the process of incident investigation and highlight the importance of identifying root causes as well as suitable corrective actions.

The session is offered as on-site and is best delivered over 2 hours however can be tailored to suit your specific needs.  The session will cover amongst other things:

  • OHS obligations of employers
  • Purpose of incident reporting and investigation
  • The process of incident investigation
  • Assessing contributing factors and root causes
  • Assessing, implementing & reviewing risk controls