Policies, Systems & Processes

One of the most important aspects of any Health & Safety or Injury Management System is to ensure that all actions, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and assigned within the organisation.

Workplace HR Solutions will work with you to develop an OHS and Injury Management system that incorporates your particular business needs and the general nature of the business’s operations.  We will ensure that responsibilities are clearly outlined and that there is a clear framework set up regarding incident and injury reporting, incident investigation, risk management and injury management including return to work.

Consistent and Simple Approach to Injury Management

The system will incorporate simple easy to use forms and templates with documented step by step processes clearly explained to the end users.

The Injury Management system will have application for all personal injuries and conditions regardless of their cause.  Managing non-work-related conditions is critical as these can still present a risk for your business.

Training & Education

In conjunction with our training and education programs for front line managers and supervisors our Health & Safety and Injury Management programs will positively affect safety culture and impact safety behaviour across your business.