Engagement Options

At Workplace HR Solutions we recognise that each industry and workplace has a unique culture, issues and challenges and therefore do not assume a “one size fits all” service.  Our approach is one of consultation; understanding your organisation’s requirements and then tailoring a service model that best meets your needs.

We offer our clients flexible and cost effective engagement models including but not limited to:

At Call Advice

Strategic advice and assistance as and when you need it.  Call us when that new claim comes in or when you think there is an issue brewing.  Many clients call us just wanting to make sure they’re on track with their strategy.  Think of us as your workplace colleague that you can turn to for advice.  If we cannot assist you directly we can refer you to one of our trusted partners including Industrial Relations, Human Resources or Workplace Health & Safety professionals.

Fixed Fee Solutions

For some of our Consulting services such as Conciliation attendance or Claim review meetings we offer a fixed fee solution with no hidden fees or commitment.  Our aim is to give you the support and advice you need in relation to your current issue and provide you with certainty of costs.

Yearly Service Plan

If you think you may need to call on us regularly, we can discuss a yearly service plan incorporating anything from unlimited at call phone and email advice, scheduled meetings and even training or workshops built in.  We can tailor a plan that suits your needs and represents a cost effective solution for your business.

Complete Outsourced Solution

Don’t have the time, expertise or resources to deal with these issues in-house?  Consider outsourcing the Injury Management Coordinator role to us entirely.  Depending on your requirements, we can attend at your workplace as often as is necessary, manage all injuries and return to work matters in consultation with all stakeholders including the injured employee, the Authorised WorkCover Agent and your workplace.   We take the worry out of managing this sometimes complex area allowing you to concentrate on your core business.