Functional Capacity Evaluations

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is an assessment of an employee’s capacity to undertake the physical requirements of their substantive role.  The primary aim of an FCE is to assess the employee’s health status and physical capacity to the demands of the role and work environment.

An FCE can be conducted off-site in a clinical environment where the requirements of the role are known to the practitioner and work tasks are simulated however the FCE may have more relevance when conducted “on the job” where the employee can be directly assessed whilst performing or attempting to perform the actual job tasks.

This is a particularly useful assessment tool in the following circumstances:

  • An employee is returning to work after a long absence
  • An employee advises that they are struggling (or appear to be struggling) performing certain tasks related to their job
  • An employer is assessing whether they can make, or continue to make reasonable adjustments to job tasks
  • Where there are significant OHS concerns about an employee’s ability to safely undertake the requirements of the role

Workplace HR Solutions will work with you to understand what it is you are trying to achieve and then assess the most suitable assessment based on your needs.  We will provide you with a comprehensive report outlining the employee’s capacity to undertake the role, any adjustments that could be made to the role and how long these adjustments should be in place, any OHS concerns as well as any other matters relevant to the worker’s capacity.

If required we will work with you and the employee to formulate a structured RTW plan and health and well-being program to assist the employee return to their pre-injury capacity.  Where a return to pre-injury capacity is not likely, we can assist you in discussions with the employee and their advisor as to other options including re-deployment or termination of employment.