Early Intervention

At call advice providing immediate assistance as soon as an injury is reported

Long Term Injuries and Claims

Strategic Advice and Risk Profiling; managing your legal and organisational risk

WorkCover Premium

A diagnostic review will ensure that you are paying what you have to but not more than you need to


Workshops and training delivered in a friendly, relaxed environment encouraging group participation & discussion.

Workplace HR Solutions

From our personalised approach through to our responsive service delivery and highly skilled industry professionals you will immediately notice a difference in partnering with Workplace HR Solutions.

We work with our clients to develop and implement workplace policies and procedures, best practice pre-employment screening, education of managers, supervisors and staff and positive, timely and effective responses to injury reporting and management.

Our aim is to provide your organisation with the tools, advice and support to create and maintain a work environment which fosters a sense of well-being amongst your employees, provides confidence and support for your management team and encourages early reporting and positive outcomes of injuries occurring in your workplace.

By integrating human resource management, health and safety compliance and injury management awareness programs, Workplace HR Solutions provide a comprehensive and seamless service, ensuring maximum benefits both culturally and financially to your organisation.

At Workplace HR Solutions we value respect, integrity and simplicity.  We allow our clients to make educated decisions regarding organisational risk by taking the time to explain the reasons behind proposed actions and the risks and rewards involved in taking or failing to take certain actions.

Our WorkCover and Injury Management Consultants will work with you to establish a risk management profile for your business; build and implement a service model that meets your needs; educate, mentor and transfer the skills and knowledge to your team including the nominated officers, managers and supervisors and; ultimately step away from your business and allow you to manage the process independently and cost effectively with minimal input from us.

Providing Solutions to your Injury Management Issues